Dedicated to William T. H. Morris. When William’s submarine H.M.S. Saracen was sunk in August 1943 off Corsica, he became a prisoner of war in Italy, and later, following an unsuccessful escape attempt, in Germany. Personal log books were kindly distributed to the prisoners by the Young Men’s Christian Association to provide them with a means of recording their wartime experiences. The following pages are excerpts from the log book which William kept during his captivity and are a vivid reminder of his love for his country, his freedom and most of all, his family.

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-Jerm, the Curator

Homeward Bound

Here's To Us

Here’s to Us

(With no apologies to the Big Ships)

Here’s to the gallant submariners,
The boys with their torpedoes, by gad,
Those cool, imperturbable, calm, indisputable,
Nervy, inquisitive lads!

Each time they seek out enemy tubs,
Their marvellous deeds we should bless,
These bold, reprehensible, brave, indispensable,
Sensible lads of the subs.

W. Morris

Hunger (A Civvy Again)


But why do I talk of death?
That phantom of grisly bone,
I hardly fear his terrible shape,
It seems so like my own.

It seems so like my own,
Because of the fasts I keep,
O God! That bread should be so dear,
Yet flesh and blood so cheap!

A Civvy Again. Thank Heaven!

The End


The End